Customized training

We are at your disposal to meet your needs

By choosing our school, you choose a team attentive to your expectations. That’s why educational material, course content and activities are determined according to your needs: we listen to you

You have the choice to learn general French, business French, diplomatic French or legal French… You can also come to prepare a French exam. Depending on your goals, you will learn how to participate in a meeting, make a speech, interview a candidate or write a complaint letter: you act in French!


Je m'exprime

Expression activities promote acquisition of expression skills. Students express themselves during simulations or following the understanding of an oral or written content. For example: ask/give informations, quote someone, make a presentation. Teachers actively correct errors and develop student’s ability to express .

Je renforce

Systematization of linguistic acquisitions takes place during this session of linguistic “gymnastics“. This lesson focuses on elements already discussed during the day or the day before. This is the time to automate and the opportunity to permanently eliminate some errors.


Learning is based on your specific needs. The teacher strives to fully respond to your personal concerns in French.

Je m’exerce

The programme is defined with the teacher according to your needs. Activities focus on written comprehension, written expression, oral comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and conjugation. Various interactive exercises are available on our e-learning site.

Je révise

The teacher suggests to students a replay of their day notes. The student writes 5 key phrases from the most relevant language elements to him. This is a linguistic appropriation and the time to review explanations or exercises in the manual to automate the use of grammatical and lexical elements.


Students have access to the oral exercises available on the Millefeuille e-learning website. These systematic exercises focus on grammar. The teacher helps the student in the choice of exercises.

Educational material

The material is continuously developed. To answer your needs, we develop our own manuals by level. We remain attentive to student’s remarks and needs and we regularly modify our manuals. We develop our own lexicons, sistematic exercises (oral and written), comprehension exercises (oral and written), written expression exercises and pronunciation exercices. You can access our e-learning site during and after your training.

French manuals