Our online french courses

For security reasons, we have decided to close our establishment for an indefinite period, pending the improvement of the situation so that we can welcome you again with complete peace of mind. The crisis we face today prompts us to be creative and invent new ways of teaching and learning.

A semi-intensive program

Since the beginning of April, we have set up online French courses online. The particularity of Millefeuille Provence is the organization of intensive immersion courses. This formula has shown its effectiveness for 25 years. We therefore offer a semi-intensive program of 15h / week to allow you to make real progress in French.

The experience we offer is different from the classic online courses.

As we want to ensure the same diversity as in our immersion programs, we offer:

  • A solo program (individual)
  • A duo program (with a friend, a colleague or your partner).


How are these courses different from others?

You benefit from a real follow-up of the professor with whom you interact one hour per day, whether it is a solo or duo program. The teacher prepares and corrects your exercises.

What tools are available?

We will put all the tools of Millefeuille Provence at your service through our educational site and through the mailings of your teacher.

A pace adapted to your busy schedule ?

We offer alternatives.


Lungo program
We also offer the lungo program, which allows you to follow one online French course per week over a period of 4 weeks.

The conversation break
Conversation break sessions, in groups of 2 to 4 people (couple, friends, colleagues) will allow you to speak French with a teacher, as we do in the center during breaks. These 1 hour sessions can be organized on demand, depending on your availability and preferences, once or twice a week, twice a month …


Whether you are preparing a competition, whether for your pleasure or for your work, we adapt the program to your needs. It is up to you to specify which aspects you are looking to improve and we will offer you a tailor-made program.

We hope to have convinced you of our new formula and hope to work very quickly with you! Cécile, Séverine, Véronique and their colleagues will be happy to organize your lessons and speak French with you!

For more information, visit the page dedicated to our new programs on our site.