French as well as English is spoken on five continents. French is also the second language learned in the world after English. For many people, French is “the business languageand is an asset in professional life. France remains the first tourist destination in the world and many of you love French culture and language.

Millefeuille Provence is the only residential school in France to offer French courses for adults. This guarantees a high level of motivation and involvement in the learning process. This goal is shared by everyone: “make quick improvements in French.

We offer six 60 minutes lessons a day that is 30 hours a week. Activities in French (breaks, meals, conferences, visits, tastings) offers 20 hours practicing French outside the classroom.

Our language school proposes customized solutions adapted for your training needs. We consider a really different approach! If “selling” in French is a priority goal for you, it will be included in your programme from the first day of class.