You continue to practice the French language outside of class

An immersion French course offers you the opportunity to practice intensively French and to discover the culture and the “French way of life” thanks to the frequent contacts with French speakers.

These meetings are essential in the approach of Millefeuille Provence because they will allow you to communicate in real life situation with people who are not teaching professionals. You will be confronted with interesting personalities, different accents, varied points of view.


Visite d'une cave à vin


Here are some activities we offer 3 times a week:

  • French political news
  • Regional economy
  • French institutions
  • Nuclear energy
  • French judicial system
  • Francophonie
  • Texts and poems of French-speaking authors
  • French rap
  • French karaoke 
  • French songs evening with a singer
  • Quiz about gastronomy or literature
  • Pétanque
  • Initiation to wine tasting
  • Tasting of local specialities (brandade, tapenade, nougat)
  • Walk in the hills or along the Rhone
  • Visit of a typical Provencal nativity scene
  • Pottery workshop

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