Distance learning French courses 

French semi-intensive program 

We offer 15 hours of learning per week, 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday, individual program. You have a private tuition with your teacher during 1 hour :

  • Oral expression (30 minutes)
  • Reinforcement (15 minutes)
  • Phonetics (10 minutes)
  • Instructions for self-learning (5 minutes)

And you have self-learning exercises choosen by your teacher, on our website and with documents forwarded by your tutor (during 2 hours). 

This program includes oral comprehension, written comprehension, written expression, oral exercises (Grammar and pronunciation)

Please try out 10 minutes for free with our teacher, Cecile.  

Work at your own place


Eager to practice more ? We offer you a new program of 20 hours per weekIn this program, you will have more interactions with the professor and more occasion to develop your oral skills.From Monday to Friday, you have 4 hours/day including two private lessons with your teacher and two hours of self-learning.

Looking for something on the long term ? For those who prefer regularity to intensive, we have planned the lungo program, which takes up the characteristics of the semi-intensive program. It is a 3 hour / 1 day per week / 4 week program.

How to improve your pronunciation


 Program Phonetico

We offer you a 150 minutes one-to-one program. To assert efficiency on phonetics sessions, they need to be short. So we propose to split the 150 minutes into 5 different sessions on a week. This program includes personalised coaching but also self-learning with our exercises, according to the Verbotonal method.

Free online French lessons for beginners

Available on www.french-learning.eu Optimal with Safari and Firefox


My classes with Cecile and Severine are super. And I am learning so much. As always, they are superb teachers and the classes are fun. I am getting lots of devoirs which I love. 


Following the solo program