quality certification

Our school is labeled and offers courses referenced according to quality charters

Qualité FLE certification

In 2015, our language school got for the third time the “Qualité Français Langue Étrangère” certification.


Developed in 2007 by the CIEP, this certification is the result of a quality approach initiated by the Ministry for National Education, Higher Education and Research, the Ministry for Culture and Communication and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development.

Label qualité FLE

The certification is awarded in accordance with a framework based on the following five aspects:

    • The French as a foreign language training courses offered by the centre are designed to meet the linguistic needs of students and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and detailed curricula. The ways in which the classes are prepared and delivered are consistent with the CERFL and the curricula. Students evaluate the training courses and are involved in the quality improvement process in order to optimise the learning process. At the end of the training they receive a certificate testifying to the CERFL level they have reached.
      • The centre employs qualified and competent teaching staff that enable it to ensure the quality of the various types of training offered. A team spirit is encouraged as part of the quest for continuous improvement and through participatory assessment.
        • Students and trainees receive all of the information they needs. In order to ease their integration into the centre and into a new environment the centre offers a warm welcome, a variety of activities and an accommodation support service.
          • The premises and equipment provide both students and staff with satisfactory conditions of work. Students benefit from an environment that is conducive to learning and to an enjoyable stay at a pleasant venue and in accordance with the safety standards in force. The centre provides them with high-quality equipment and ensures that both the premises and its equipment are regularly maintained. 
            • All staff are provided with a clear description of the institution’s purposes and strategic objectives, a strategic plan for its development, and a copy of its commitment with regards to promoting and maintaining quality and professional ethics. Users of the centre are made aware of a charter or learning contract-type document.

          Souffle quality charter

          Our French language center belongs to the professional association Souffle, which groups together 16 other centers around a common quality charter.

          logo association Souffle


          For German citizens, the school is entitled to receive employees as part of their Individual Training Account (Bildungsurlaub).