Adult courses

Our intensive French courses are for adults

Whether you are businesswomen or businessmen, diplomats or francophiles looking for effective French classes: Millefeuille Provence welcomes adult students of 23 years minimum in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Le château  Corrensonlocated in the vineyards of the Rhône Valley is a quiet place where you will enjoy learning French. Living in the French countryside for a few days will allow you to breathe and relax while studying under optimal conditions.

All trainees are highly motivated and French naturally becomes their way to express throughout the dayMany students emphasize “the family atmosphere of the school which accommodates a maximum of fifteen  trainees per week.


An exclusively adult audience is a factor of homogeneity regarding the pace of learning and topics of formal and informal conversations.



As Dominique, director and founder, says: “We are a family without parents! “

You have a basic, intermediate or advanced level in French?

Our intensive and immersive courses are for adult students from A2 level to C2. You will be tested upon your arrival and departure to ensure personalized support. Our programmes are not adapted for beginners.

You have specific needs in French?


Here, you will enjoy an immersion programme defined according to your personal and professional needs. We are accustomed to work with multinational companies, international organizations and governmental agencies. Many people also choose Millefeuille to prepare an exam: they know that we will listen their expectations and respond appropriately to their specific needs.