At the time of development of online courses, often free, come to France to study French in a residential school proves to be a relevant choice : living in the country is a dynamic approach to learn French language and culture. For a motivated adult, taking an intensive immersion course is the best learning option.

Our property is located behind a large gate. The walls surrounding the park allow us to live in peace. We did a lot of work to make the accomodation comfortable without losing the “old character” of the place. Millefeuille Provence is primarily a language school and the rooms are not comparable to those of a luxury hotel. 

Success of your learning depends on your motivation but also on the pedagogical quality of the teachers. Students are used to emphasize the great patience of our teachers as much as their professionalism. Guests are chosen with care to ensure informative, rich and fun meetings.

Why come to study French in France? For us, your trip makes sense as you can really “live in French” with a real  immersion immersion and many contacts with French speakers. These contacts will also allow you to evaluate your skills in a real situation of communication.