There are online courses that are free and they have benefits but the study of French in the immersion program that we offer at Millefeuille provides dynamic approach to learning the language and culture. Let’s discover our immersive French language course!

Our property is protected and enclosed behind a large gate and stone walls that provide for privacy, peace and charm. We have worked to make accomodations comfortable while preserving the “old character” of the place. With its welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere, Millefeuille Provence is a language school and not a resort.

Your success in French depends on your motivation together with the pedagogical quality of the teachers. For years, students have praised the patience and seriousness of our teachers as well as their professionalism. Guest participants are carefully chosen so that gatherings can be informative, stimulating and pleasurable.

Why come to study French in France? At Millefeuille Provence you can really “live in French” with a real  immersion and a variety of interactions with French speakers. These contacts will also allow you to evaluate your skills in a real-life situation of communication.