French speakers

You will meet qualified teachers and motivated guests

For nearly 25 years, our language center relies on experienced teachers in French language training and enthusiastic guests to offer you a unique experience.

Teaching team

Dominique is the founder and the director of the school. Your teachers are Cécile, teaching manager and Séverine. The teaching team is regularly supported by Véronique, Patricia, Fabienne and Laurence. All are university graduates and continuously improve their teaching skills.

Je m’appelle Dominique et je suis la fondatrice et directrice du centre. J’ai une formation d’orthophoniste. J’enseigne le Français Langue Étrangère depuis de nombreuses années et j’ai fait une maîtrise en didactique des langues. Mon mari, aujourd’hui à la retraite, a également travaillé à Millefeuille. Nous avons une fille. J’aime cuisiner, marcher et voyager quand j’en trouve le temps.

Dominique – Directrice de Millefeuille Provence


Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the guests come to meet you and invite you to discover their passions!

That’s immersion!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Nicolas, winemaker, receives you in his cellar for a visit. He is a member of a winegrowers community which proposes a fair trade model of wine,

Renaud, rapper, shares his passion for the words: Widô,

Mathieu, theater actor, reads texts and poems of the French literature : his biography,

Ada, singer, makes you discover French songs and invites you to sing with her,

Guy, chemist at the Atomic Energy Commission, informs you about France’s energy policy and nuclear energy,

Anne, lawyer, speaks for conferences and debates on various topics: political news or the judicial system for example,

Gaëtan takes you for a walk in the hills of Saint-Geniès-de-Comolas,

Finally, Frédéric, potter, receives you in his workshop near the castle: