We design 3 different programmes for you

Programmes developed by our teaching team have been structured in accordance with the “Qualité Français Langue Etrangère” certification and in accordance with the CEFR standards. Students learn and communicate in French 50 hours a week: 30 hours are spent in classes (1 hour of class = 60 minutes) while 20 hours are dedicated to activities in French (breaks, meals and evenings with French speakers).

Programmes adapted to you


At Millefeuille Provence, courses are held in small groups from 2 to 4 students, in workshops or face-to-face with the teacher:  you will enjoy expressing yourself in French on the topics that interest you and learn to master grammar rules, conjugation, vocabulary and pronunciation. Each student receives a manual corresponding to his French level after the assessment on the first day.

To meet your expectations, we developed 3 intensive French courses programmes (Maxilangue, Maxilangue combiné and Maxilangue +).

Group courses are designed to improve your speaking skills. The small number of students, from 2 to 4 people, makes it possible. You can communicate effectively with same level students.

Individual courses, face-to-face with the teacher, aim to meet your specific needs for oral/written comprehension and oral/written expression. The programme is established between you and the teacher.

Workshops bring together several students from different levels. Everyone works with his own material: oral comprehension, interactive or written exercises, according to their objectives and under the teacher supervision.

You like French language and culture and take pleasure  in learning French?

Maxilangue is for you!

You are used to study and you are an autonomous learner?

Maxilangue is our intensive standard programme: small group courses in the morning (3 hours) and workshops in the afternoon (3 hours).

You need French for personal or professional purposes?

Maxilangue combiné is adapted to your needs!

Your employer expects you to improve quickly your French skills?

Maxilangue combiné is our intensive combined programme: small group on the morning (3 hours), workshops (2 hours) and individual course on the afternoon (1 hour).

You must imperatively improve your French skills for professional purposes?

 Maxilangue + will suit you perfectly!

You have little time available?

Maxilangue + is our intensive individual programme: individual courses on the morning (3hours), on the afternoon (1 hour) and workshops on the afternoon (2 hours).

*prices expressed in € euros and correspond to a one week programme from Monday morning 9am to Friday afternoon 5pm30. These prices do not include accommodation. You can check accommodation prices here.